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Unicorner is a concept store located in Luxembourg city, here you will find a range of beautiful, unique products sold by different entrepreneurs such as: handmade shoes, party supplies, home decorations, crafts, gifts, stationery, cushions, lamps, etc.

At Unicorner you can also find a pop-up corner that offers the opportunity to creative entrepreneurs to share their products. Additionally, you are always welcome to attend and organise workshops and small events to share new skills and ideas.

If you would like to know more about the store, take a look at the about us section or feel free to get in contact with us.

30 – June -2017

Due to the huge interest we repeat this event!

This is what you have been waiting for! Do you like fine drinks and to create? What would you say if we mix these two for you? Come and join us for an exciting and arty evening! Paint your masterpiece while having a glass of fantastic drink and some snack! Sounds like fun?

Price: 45 Euros (which includes all material cost, drinks and snacks)

All you have to do is come and have a good time and discover your inner artist! 🙂

Feel free to invite your friends as well. Real fun and relaxed atmosphere and remember:


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Van Gogh Painting Party

18 – June- 2017

Bloggers Workshop

To offer you some refreshments like drinks and food we ask you a small fee of 15€ p.p. which you can pay cash on the workshop day.

The participation is limited to 15 persons max. and with your entrance to this event you’ve already committed to join the workshop. Of course life happens from time to time and if you’re not able to join the workshop please reject as early as possible so that others could take your place!

That’s it so far – now vote for your favorite workshop topic. You’ll soon find the topics selection of the first workshop down below in a posting!

Looking forward to our first workshop and we’re excited to have a great day with you guys!

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Bloggers Workshop