About us

Unicorner Luxembourg Concept Store

Unicorner Concept Store was founded by 3 young entrepreneurs (Angelique Supka, Gabriella Schaffer and Nancy Wendt Garza) who wanted to have a shop in Luxembourg. One day they got together and thought it would be a good idea to share the space and the time that involves having a shop. They found out that the 3 businesses had something in common, the products were unique, some products were handmade or eco friendly and all of them were beautiful! And this is how Unicorner was born, as a concept store were you could find a unique combination of products and services to make your life happier.

1.The Party Ville party planner, wedding planner and party shop will help you organise all your parties and events according to your needs and supply you with a big range of design carefully selected party supplies, event decorations, helium balloons, cute stationary and seasonal gifts. Weather you are looking to decorate your child’s first birthday, have a fun hen party, celebrate a 50th birthday or add some beautiful decorations for you wedding, you will be able to find a those decorations at our shop. Our aim to create innovative, creative and beautiful events for all of our clients!

2 .MintMouse is there to help you make the right choices when it comes to find first shoes for your child which will support a healthy development of their feet. Our philosophy is that first shoes have to be as flexible as possible not to impede any natural movements. We offer shoes from the brand ”Emel” which have a wide range of natural leather shoes with models for every type of little feet for the perfect fit from the first steps up to the moment the kids are ready for school. Emel takes care of children’s feet since over 20 years and makes the shoes by hand to guarantee the best quality.

You will regularly also have the chance to discover other businesses in Luxembourg in our pop-up corner, through our events / workshops that will be held at Unicorner.

If you would like to come by outside of the opening hours, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to accommodate you at a convenient time.