Unicorner Workshops

14/21-March-2020 – Scrapbooking workshop (Adults)

Come to join this marvellous cours: ❤️ Scrapbooking for beginners.❤️ With our special host: Marian🤩 She is an Scrapbooker lover with 2 years of experience. And she is able to teach us all her secrets😍 What are we going to do? We are going to do a beautiful photo album for keeping those special moments.… Continue reading 14/21-March-2020 – Scrapbooking workshop (Adults)

Unicorner Workshops

18-March-2018 – Easter workshop (kids&adults)

Be prepared for Easter bunnies or even better: prepare your own bunny 😉 Join us at the fabulous Unicorner Concept Store with your children to create cute and fluffy Easter animals! We provide some examples, yarn and other necessary materials and tools, so you can make bunnies and chicks or invent completely new creatures. Please reserve in… Continue reading 18-March-2018 – Easter workshop (kids&adults)

Anay Designs DIY workshop Luxembourg
Unicorner Workshops

03-March-2018 – Create your own jewelry with Any Designs

Come and learn how to create your very own piece of jewelry as Anay from Anay Designs will reveal her technique for her handmade designs. - Everyone is welcome from 5 -200 years old 🙂 - Cost? 25 EUR/piece of jewelry - How to register? Please send a payment either via bank transfer to: Angelique… Continue reading 03-March-2018 – Create your own jewelry with Any Designs

Unicorner Workshops

10-February-2018 -DIY Friendship Bracelets

As Valentine's Day is approaching, Kawaiisome is offering a fun opportunity for kids to create "friends' bracelets". They can make one for themselves and one for their best friends 🙂 It's a perfect opportunity for those who are staying in Luxembourg during school holidays, to spend some quality time with your little ones at the… Continue reading 10-February-2018 -DIY Friendship Bracelets